AmētrosTM is an advanced foliar spray containing Plant Impact's patented CaTTM technology.

Calcium is a vital nutrient for strong cell walls and membrane structure. Plant Impact's CaTTMis designed to mobilise calcium and increase its concentration in cells. This optimises calcium mobility for improved quality and shelf life in all types of soft and top fruit. AmētrosTM can also be used to correct calcium disorders in other crops, such as tip burn in lettuce.


AmētrosTM Benefits:

  • Improves crop quality, storage and shelf-life
  • Prevents bitter pit and other calcium disorders
  • Less crop waste and more marketable yield
  • compatible with most other agrochemical foliar sprays


Name  Analysis

Ca: 9.5%

CaO equiv: 13%

N: 8%

Zn: 0.8%

Application Rates

Top Fruit: 1.0-3.0L/ha every 2-3 weeks starting at flowering

Soft Fruit: 1.0-2.0L/ha every two weeks from first flowering

Lettuce, brassica and leafy salad: 1.0-2.0L/ha every two weeks from thrid true leaf stage

For specific application rates consult your Hortifeeds Sales Manager.


Available Sizes

20 Litre Bottle

220 Litre Drum


Need an SDS? Head over to 'contact us' and request one.



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