Hortifeeds was established in 1995 to serve growers with high-quality fertilisers, throughout all horticultural sectors including soft fruit, tree fruit, forestry and landscaping. The ethos was to produce the highest quality fertilisers economically, using only the finest ‘fresh’ raw materials, and to provide growers with a level of personal and technical service that was second to none.

Hortifeeds’ commitment to excellence has been rooted in producing the highest quality fertilisers using only the finest raw materials and providing growers with an exceptional level of personal and technical service. Hortifeeds has benefited from being part of Nutrel Products Ltd, not only because of its expanding production facility, but the wealth of experience gained from dealing with a diverse customer base covering all aspects of growing within agriculture, horticulture, amenity and home and garden market sectors in the UK and overseas.

Hortifeeds Offices and Warehouse


At the same time, its team of field-based technical advisors, whose role is to work alongside customers to help achieve the ideal crop nutrition solutions, was expanded.

The choice of standard products was also continually increased to include dry powder and granulated fertilisers, water-soluble powder fertilisers, and, increasingly, convenient and easy-to-use liquid fertilisers.

Innovative and highly efficient specialist fertilisers, developed to overcome specific nutritional or plant health problems, have also been added to the Hortifeeds range.

Today, Hortifeeds is part of the Synchemicals Group, owners of Vitax Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fertilisers and associated products for the home and garden and specialised turf and amenity markets, as well as numerous other businesses.

Hortifeeds Offices


Hortifeeds has flourished under the ownership of Synchemicals Ltd and has continued to invest in its unique offering to the professional horticultural market. This commitment is exemplified through the addition of modern plant and machinery and the refurbishment of its extensive facilities, all situated just outside the City of Lincoln.

The latest stride forward in the journey is the inauguration of an impressive new warehouse. This move has more than doubled the company's finished goods storage capacity to over 2000 pallets, allowing them to serve their clients even more efficiently. However, the expansion goes beyond storage; it also involves significant investments in state-of-the-art production facilities including cutting-edge powder mixing blenders and liquid filling lines, which have been installed to cope with the ever increasing demand.

Hortifeeds New Warehouse


As Nutrel Products Ltd and Hortifeeds take this important step forward, their dedication to quality, innovation, and unparalleled service remains unwavering. The future looks bright for these industry leading companies and the customers they serve.



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