WulPak Product Label Pack Shot
Available In the following sizes: 20 L Sack (WulPak)

WulPak is a self-felting wool pellet mulch and growth stimulant.

WulPak benefits:

  • Weed suppression = Reduced weeding costs
  • Liverwort suppression = Reduced removal costs
  • Water retention = Reduced water consumption
  • Natural organic fertiliser and biostimulant = stimulates and supports growth
  • Thermal insulation = Reduces heat and cold stress
  • Slug and snail deterrent = Reduced mollusc damage

WulPak is a 100% natural product manufactured from the trimmings of sheep’s fleeces. WulPak is a very effective mulching fibre that prevents weed growth and retains moisture and insulates sensitive roots from temperature extremes, both heat and cold. Soon after application the WulPak pellets soften, deform and fleece together producing a continuous, permeable barrier across the surface. WulPak will not fall of pots, or blow or wash away once settled and fleeced, unlike many bark and wood-fibre products.

WulPak can be used on soils around valuable crops as a alternative to herbicide, or on top of pots of any shape or size. Application is quick and easy. With the change in label recommendation for a commonly used surface cleaner that has been used for liverwort control but is now restricted for turf use, WulPak could be the best alternative, it prevents the growth of liverwort totally, for months, when correctly applied.

WulPak is an ideal spring and summer top dressing for container stock because WulPak is also a plant growth stimulant and nutrient source. WulPak provides both immediately available and slow release nutrients. As it slowly degrades, organic nutrients and beneficial complex organic compounds are releases from the wool stimulating and supporting growth over many months. Typical analysis is 3-0-3+TE+complex organic compounds.

Slugs and snails are very reluctant to travel over WulPak. The wool fleece irritates the foot of the molluscs keeping them away from your valuable plants. The product is environmentally safe reducing the need for slug and snail baits.



Top dressing containers

He surface of the growing media must be covered with pellets with close contact to permit effective felting. A layer 1 to 1.5cm deep is adequate.

Cutting and salad leaf crops in beds

Apply evenly to the soil surface but avoid covering the crop plants. Apply 2 to 3 litres / m2.

Landscape application around trees and shrubs

Spread evenly over the soil surface avoiding covering the plants. Apply 3 to 5 litres /m2.

Do not treat very sensitive container-grown plants under protection as the fertiliser gift can be too strong for them. These species include Pieris, Kalmia, dwarf azaleas and heathers.

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