The HortiTop Range

HortiTop Complete (11-5-12) 20 Kg Sack Art
Available In the following sizes: 20KG


HortiTop fertilisers are slow-release, top-dressing feeds for container-grown trees and shrubs. They provide tired and hungry plants with a boost of rapid recovery during tough growing conditions.

HortiTop fertilisers are available in the following analyses:


Product Name
Nutrients (%)
HortiTop Complete
11-5-12 + MgO/SO3

Main uses:

  • Developed to provide sustained and steady feeding
  • Suitable for container-grown nursery stock, perennials and pot plants
HortiTop High-N
18-3-6 + MgO/SO3

Main uses:

  • Developed for use from spring to July, to boost growth
  • Improves leaf colour of container-grown nursery stock


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HortiTop Technical Information

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):

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HortiTop Complete (11-5-12) MSDS
HortiTop High-N (18-3-6) MSDS