Soft Fruit, Vines and Hops

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High quality, highly soluble fertilisers with the correct nutrient balance for all crops

Fertiliser range developed specifically for use in hard water

Developed to reduce drought, disease and pest stress.

Prevents and/or corrects trace element deficiencies.

Foliar fertilisers to directly boost plant productivity and increase nutrients in developing fruitlets.

Promotes rooting and bud development and boosts plants natural defence systems.

Aids water infiltration and percolation through the growing media, increasing water and nutrient uptake to improve growth. Reduces watering costs.

Aids in the removal of excess salts and built-up deposits.

Boost plant growth and fruit quality by combining a powerful package of essential amino acids, humic & fulvic acids, seaweed extract and major and minor nutrients.

Enhances flower and fruit retention, root growth and tolerance to environmental stresses and diseases.

In addition to these standard ranges, Hortifeeds is able to custom manufacture specific formulations to meet individual requirements.