Primrose & Pansy Special Feed Now Available

The Ideal Blend for Primrose and Pansy Growers


Primrose and pansy crops need special care through the autumn and winter to maintain their leaf quality and flower generation without excessive growth. This high-quality water soluble powder, specifically-formulated for fertigation and liquid feeding in a variety of growing media, provides a unique feed.

HortiMix Primrose and Pansy Mix 12-6-36 + 2.7% MgO + TE is a high-K, generous Mg and TE mix formulated to meet the needs of these crops.  The moderate nitrogen level is adequate to maintain enzyme activity and a low level of growth, especially at budding time.  The Chelated trace elements maintain leaf colour through the dark days.

The high K maintains leaf quality and colour and supports flower growth.

Total Water Soluble Nitrogen (N) – 12.0%
Total Nitrate Nitrogen – 9.7%
Total Ureic Nitrogen – 2.3%

Total Phosphorous Pentoxide soluble in water (P2O5) – 6.0%
Phosphorus (as P) – 2.0%

Total Potassium Oxide soluble in water (K2O) – 36.0%
Potassium (as K) -29.9%
Total Magnesium Oxide (MgO) -2.7%
Magnesium (Mg) – 1.6%
Iron (Fe) chelated by DTPA – 0.15%
Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA – 0.10%
Boron (B) – 0.03%
Zinc (Zn) – 0.03%
Copper (Cu) – 0.02%
Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.01%

Product is easy to apply, similar to all Hortimix soluble products.
Please contact your Hortifeeds Technical Sales Manager for more information / availability / pricing.

HortiChel Compound TE Foliar Fertiliser delivers trace element availability directly to the leaves.  The formulation ensures rapid uptake and utilisation with visible leaf colour improvement. Use HortiChel Compound TE Foliar Fertiliser when you have trace element issues but do not want to apply any major nutrients, or as a TE boost to your normal feeding programme.


HortiStar silicon fertiliser (19% Si) is applied to foliage to give a physical barrier against a range of plant leaf pathogens.  It is especially effective against the establishment of powdery mildew on pansies.  Leaf spots and rots in primrose can be reduced.  HortiStar is applied as a preventative treatment, it has no curative effect.  It kills aphids and thrips too by physical contact!


HortiPhyte boosts root activity and bud development.  Pansies have a greater resistance to some leaf diseases after HortiPhyte has bio-stimulated their system.  Primroses initiate flowers better and maintain root and crown health.  HortiPhyte must be applied through the crop’s life at 2 to 4 weeks frequency to maintain the beneficial effect

By: Stuart Rycroft (Marketing) and Bill Riley (Technical Manager)