Available In the following sizes: 10202001000L

A range of exceptionally effective and easy to apply liquid foliar fertilisers, suitable for use on organically and conventionally grown crops.

NuGro fertilisers promote healthy, hardy growth and improve resistance to disease and pests.  Use of these fertilisers has been shown to increase crop yield and quality and to increase fruit BRIX levels.

These liquid fertilisers are quick and easy to apply using conventional spraying equipment.  They spread well and are formulated to stick to foliage and resist wash-off to provide maximum uptake of nutrients by the plant.

NuGro fertilisers are available in the following formulations:

8-8-7 (Fish Blood & Bone)

This is a finely-ground fishmeal suspension that provides a balanced NPK together with all the key secondary and trace elements needed for healthy growth.  It is particularly valuable in reducing calcium deficiency in many fruits when applied directly to developing fruitlets and foliage.

NuGro 8-8-7 also contains two naturally-occurring growth aids – Gibberellins (GA) and Triacontal (Tria).  GA aids the growth of cells and Tria stimulates photosynthesis, improving cell division and promoting the development of carbohydrates (sugars and energy).

This combination provides an exceptionally powerful growth medium and every drop of NuGro contains exactly the same mix of major and minor nutrients. Uniform application of nutrients, organic components and trace elements on this scale is virtually impossible with bulk solid fertilisers.




7-2-2, 6-2-4 and 4-2-6 fertilisers are formulated entirely from plants extracts.  They all offer similar organic benefits to those described above.  NuGro 6-2-4 also provides calcium benefits to developing fruitlets.


Licence No. I3022
8-8-7 and 7-2-2: Approved for restricted use in Organic Systems for crops, subject to approval by certification body.
6-2-4 and 4-2-6: Approved for use in Organic Systems for crops.

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

NuGro 8-8-7 (Fish Blood and Bone) SDS
NuGro 7-2-2 SDS
NuGro 6-2-4 SDS
NuGro 4-2-6 SDS