Frost Protect Available…

FROST PROTECT product, in association with Compo ®, can be used through spring 2017.

 Compo Frost Protect


- Prevents frost damage in valuable crops due to its physiological active ingredients.

- Protects the grower from significant yield losses


For Use On:

Fruit crops: Protect(s) fruit tree flowers from late spring frosts
Vegetables and ornamental crops: Protect(s) young plants during cold spell
Grapevine and forest trees:  Protect(s) young shoots and leaves from frost after prior warmer periods

It combines cryoprotectants with the most effective natural anti-stress compound α-tocopherol and the stabilizing nutrient boron.



COMPO Frost Protect contains active ingredients which have to be taken up by the plant surface and will be active after having reached the target tissue. In most cases this process requires up to 24 hours from the application time on.

It is strongly recommended to spray COMPO Frost Protect at least 24 hours before the expected frost period. The higher level of anti-frost agents in the crop tissue will last for about 7 to 10 days.

It is also possible to combine COMPO Frost Protect with other frost protection methods such as sprinkler irrigation. In this case it should be made sure that COMPO Frost Protect can be absorbed for a period of at least 24 hours before the sprinkler system is turned on.


Compo Frost Protect Comparison


Frost damage on Lonicera nitida:left untreated, right treated with COMPO Frost Protect


FROST PROTECT is available in 1 Litre Bottles from Hortifeeds.

For sales/further information, please contact your area Technical Sales Manager or the Hortifeeds office.

By Stuart Rycroft

04 April 2017