HortiWet Advance

Available In the following sizes: 151020200L

A new generation wetting agent that reduces surface tension across  hydrophobic (water repellent) surfaces to allow even distribution and absorption of water and nutrients throughout the growing media. Its effect is to increase water and nutrient uptake by plants, producing more even, faster growth and healthier root systems. Its application will also reduce water use and run-off. HortiWet Advance is  formulated to last longer.  It fixes to the growing media and resists leaching.  It longevity depends on temperature and application rates.  Lower rates will last for about a months, while the full rate can last for several months. HortiWet Advance is also very safe to use on all types of plants, including young and sensitive plants, and has no detrimental effects on seed germination.  In fact, its use promotes faster germination – its effect is to soften the seeds, allowing easier access for water and nutrients. Formal tests on tomato plants showed no phytotoxicity and a 62% increase in plant height at the recommended application rates. Use of HortiWet Advance has been shown to decrease production costs and increase profit margins by enabling plants to grow faster, more uniformly and with less water. To view further technical information please click on the image below.