HortiStar (19% Si)

Available In the following sizes: 1L

HortiStar is a highly effective and readily absorbed silicate foliar fertiliser designed to supplement the limited availability of silicon in water supplied.

Silicon is a biologically active element that triggers and supports plants’ natural defence systems.  Its importance is demonstrated by the fact that in healthy leaf tissue, the amount of silicon present is similar to that of many other major nutrients.

HortiStar benefits include:

  • Reduces drought, heat and salt stress by regulating leaf water content and maintains the plants productivity under adverse conditions. Maintain photosynthesis at near optimum levels
  • Maximises the plant’s natural production of phytoalexin compounds, improving resistance to pathogen attack
  • Creates external and internal barriers to prevent penetration by fungi and feeding insects
  • Aids uptake of other nutrients in tank mixes
  • Non-toxic physical effect on many insect pests including aphids, thrips, mites, mealy bug and scale.  Works through suffocation and degradation of the exoskeleton, resulting in dessication. (May harm beneficial bio-control agents, but these can be re-introduced as soon as the spray is dry on the plant tissue)

Zero harvest interval when used alone or in combination with other fertilisers. (If tank-mixed with a pesticide, the harvest interval for the pesticide used in combination with a silicate, must be observed.  Always check the pesticide label and datasheet)

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HortiStar Technical DataHortiStar Safety Data Sheet