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A revolutionary liquid fertiliser (and range of fertilisers) containing fast-acting, highly mobile phosphite (PO₃) molecules, rather than the usual phosphate (PO₄). Its effect is to increase the rate of energy transfer within the plant, resulting in increased root and shoot initiation and development and improved yields and fruit quality.

Phosphite is highly mobile and active within the plant and moves systemically from treated leaves to the roots and vice versa.  Whether applied as a foliar spray or via the roots via soil application, HortiPhyte is transported rapidly to the cells in plants and effectively relieves ‘hidden phosphorus hunger’ during fast growth stages such as fruit or tuber bulking.

It also stimulates and supports natural plant defence mechanisms because natural photoalexyn production is maximised when ideal nutrition is provided. It also helps stimulate healthy growth under condition which may be favourable to the development of some root rots and leaf mildew.

HortiPhyte also complements the action and mobility of other nutrients such as calcium, manganese and iron.  In combination with calcium it builds strong walls in tubers and fruit and can also reduce tip burn in lettuce and other crops.

HortiPhyte is recommended for a wide range of crops including:

  • Strawberries and other soft fruit
  • Cucumbers, courgettes and squashes
  • Pot and bedding plants
  • Grape vines
  • Shrubs and trees
  • Vegetable plants at transplanting
  • Edible and ornamental plant propagation
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Main use:

  • Foliar application to outdoor and protected crops
  • Large scope of uses: fruits/vegetables/ornamentals/nursery stocks

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