HortiFol Complete

Available In the following sizes: 10L

HortiFol Complete is a liquid foliar fertiliser developed to provide rapid uptake and fast growth response. HortiFol Complete nutrients get to where they are needed – fast!  The formulation contains effective surfactants and spreaders to ensure rapid cover of the leaf surface for the best possible uptake by all contacted green tissue.

HortiFol nutrients avoid potential soil lock-up by following a pathway through the leaves rather than via the roots.  This ‘delivery system’ offers a number of advantages:

  • Avoids nutrient lock-up, especially Fe and Mn, from high pH in the growing media
  • Bypasses uptake limitations resulting from a poor root system
  • Booster nutrients, delivered straight to the leaf, enhance photosynthesis
  • Quality and flavour enhancing nutrients delivered straight to developing fruit (eg phosphate for root and tuber development and potassium for enhanced sugar transfer to the fruit).
  • Easy to apply with conventional nursery or farm spraying equipment

Hortifol Complete is available in the following analysis:

HortiFol Complete


 (Liquid formulation)

Main uses:

  • General foliar feeding of a wide variety of crops
  • Boosts nutrient levels directly via the leaf

In addition to the above liquid formulations, there are a range of HortiFol foliar fertilisers available in the water soluble powder form.  Please see HortiFol under Water Soluble Fertilisers

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