Available In the following sizes: 10202001000L

High quality NPK liquid fertilisers suitable for fertigation of  crops grown in both soil and soil-less media.  A seprate trace element supplement is also available which is added to HortiFlow when requested by the customer.

HortiFlow is a non-clogging, chloride-free, horticultural grade fertiliser supplied only in 1000L containers.  Formulations are available as acid mixes for hard water (>150mg/l bicarbonate) and as standard mixes for normal water (<150 mg/l bicarbonate).

HortiFlow is available in the following analyses:

High N                   10-2-5 (Standard and Acid formulations)

High P                    6-24-6 (Standard formulation only)

High K                    4-2-8 (Standard and Acid formulations)

NK balanced          9-3-6 (Standard and Acid formulations)

NK high K              3-2-9 (Standard and Acid formulations)

Trace Element Supplement (added to the mix on request)

MgO                        5.4% (w/w)

Fe EDTA                 0.53% (w/w)

Mn EDTA                0.31% (w/w)

B                              0.10% (w/w)

Cu EDTA                 0.06% (w/w)

Mo                            0.04% (w/w)

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Technical Data:

HortiFlow Technical Data

Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

HortiFlow High N 10-2-5 Acid SDS
HortiFlow High N 10-2-5 Buffered SDS
HortiFlow High K 4-2-8 Acid SDS
HortiFlow High K 4-2-8 Buffered SDS