HortiFeeds Powder Trace Elements

Powdered te1
Available In the following sizes: 10KG

A complete range of fast acting, foliar applied Trace Elements in water soluble powder form for preventative, protective and curative use in a wide range of horticultural crops.

The range includes:

Product                                                 Analysis (w/w)

Superflor Boron                                 B 2.1%

Copper Sulphate                               Cu 24%

Copper EDTA                                     Cu 15%

Iron EDTA                                           Fe 13.2%

Iron EDDHA                                        Fe 7%

Iron DTPA                                           Fe 11%

Iron DTPA                                           Fe 7%

Magnesium sulphate                        MgO 16%, SO₄ 50%

Magnesium nitrate                            N 11%, Mg 9%

Manganese sulphate                        Mn 32%

Manganese EDTA                             Mn 13%

Zinc Sulphate                                     Zn 23%

Zinc EDTA                                           Zn 15%

Chelating agents:
EDDHA – ethylenediamine-N,Nⁱ-bis(2-hydroxphenylactic acid). Recommended for alkaline soils.
DTPA – Pentetic acid or Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid, effective up to pH 7.5. For growing media with pH above 6.4