Hortifeeds Liquid Citric Acid

liquid citric acid
Available In the following sizes: 20200L

A 50% citric acid solution for acidification of irrigation water to reduce carbonate deposits and maintain the availability of nutrients.

The acid should be added in an adequate quantity to reduce the water pH to between 5.6 and 6.4.

The amount needed will vary with the hardness of the irrigation water.  As a general guide, for water with 250 mg/l bicarbonate content, add 5 litres of Hortifeeds Citric Acid per 10,000 litres if irrigation water.

For application via a dilutor, add t litres of acid to 100 litres of stock and dilute at 1:100.

In addition to the above, citric acid is available from Hortifeeds as a water soluble powder in 25 Kg sacks.