Available In the following sizes: 10202001000L

A novel liquid fertiliser containing polymethylene urea, a  very safe, gradual release form of Nitrogen.  HortiCron lasst for 2 – 3 months to provide steady, sustained growth without unwanted surges.

It also acts as a leaf surface improver, adding a glossy finish to foliage plants.

Treated plants show increases in leaf and root size after 2-3 weeks.  Leaf colour improves rapidly and foliage takes on an attractive, waxed shiny appearance.  Leaves are also more resistant to attack from pests and disease.  It is particularly suitable for use on foliage house plants and nursery stock such as camellias.

HortiCron also helps reduce water loss and drought stress.  It strengthens the leaves of transplants and reduces transpiration loss, prior to leaving the nursery or when hardening off and post planting in the field.

Although primarily a foliar fertiliser, HortiCron can also provide root feeding when applied via fertigation.  The highky refined formulation is suitable for high and low volume sprayers, and sub, drip and overhead irrigation.

HortiCron is available in three formulations:

HortiCron N

Main uses:

  • Instant and lasting ‘green-up’ on nitrogen hungry crops.
  • Also provides maximum leaf shine and stress resistance
HortiCron NPK

Main uses:

  • General foliar feed where lasting slow release nitrogen is required
  • Ideal for seedlings, transplants and nursery stock
HortiCron NK

Main uses:

  • For use on crops requiring an instant ‘green-up’
  • Also provides extra potassium to promote maturity and support flowering and fruiting
  • Ideal for seedlings, transplants, nursery stock, flowering and fruiting plants
  • Can also be used effectively on turf


Technical Info:

Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

HortiCron N 28-0-0 SDS
HortiCron NPK 18-3-6 + TE SDS
HortiCron NK 15-0-10 + Fe SDS