Available In the following sizes: 2025KG

HortiBase provides a range of compound granular fertilisers for incorporation as a base fertiliser in soilless composts and glasshouse soils.  All fertilisers in the range contain readily available nutrients to give plants the best possible start.  A range of analyses is available to meet the needs of a variety of crops and growing media types, including peat reduced and coir.

HortiBase fertilisers are available in the following analyses:

Peat Mix A


  • Balanced formula for most crops in peat growing media

Peat Mix B


  • Higher potash level for potash demanding plants

Peat Mix C


  • Low N and high P for sensitive crops

Coir Mix


  • Contains no K, high P and strong Fe EDDHA to match the needs of plants growing in coir

HortiBase Special Mixes

In addition to the above standard formulations, Hortifeeds is able to provide specially blended mixes to meet the needs of the varied peat-alternative substrates now in widespread use.  Available with slow release N, raised P with K, Mg, Ca and traces adjusted to meet specific needs.