HortiBase CRF

Available In the following sizes: 20KG

HortiBase CRF are controlled release fertilisers formulated in a wide range of analyses and longevities to meet to meet the needs of all long-term, container grown plants. They can be incorporated or applied to the growing media or can be used as top dressing.

The nutrients are contained within a semi-permeable coating. Moisture diffuses through the coating during the first few days after application, dissolving the nutrients. The dissolved nutrients are then gradually pumped out through the coating as moisture continues to diffuse through the coating. Nutrient release is governed by solely by temperature and the permeability of the coating. Such is the chemistry involved that the release rate is totally predictable, safe and reliable.

Hortibase-CRFs are available in the following formulations and longevities:

Name                                               Longevity              Analysis

2 Season Conifer                             12 months              14-14-17

Flowering Pot Plants                         6 months               14-3-19 + 2MgO

High K Bedding Plants                      6 months               14-3-19 + 2MgO

Basket and Planter                            9 months               15-6-16 + 2MgO

Herbaceous Plants                            9 months               15-6-16 + 2MgO

2 Season Nursery Stock                   12 months              15-8-12 + 2MgO

                          16 months              15-8-12 + 2MgO

Bedding Plants                                  4 months                16-8-12 + 2MgO

1 Season Nursery Stock                   9 months                16-8-12 + 2MgO

Foliage Pot Plants                             9 months                16-8-12 + 2MgO

Prime                                                 6 months                14-3-19

Protea                                               4 months                 13-1.5-31

High K Blend                                     3 months                14-3-32 + 1MgO

Shrub Topdress                                4 months                 23-6-16 + 1MgO

High N Field Blend                            8 months                 23-6-15

Short Term Balanced                        4 months                 17.5-15-15